Waves of time: Self control

Have you ever noticed that during certain periods in time the universe tends to give you one specific message over and over again? You either see it in a book, the news, a preaching, a friend telling you a story or just some random events. Even on a global level, it is almost as if the universe works in waves and each wave brings its own specific lessons and warnings.

Talking of the waves of time, I remember reading an interview that was conducted with a coffin maker. OKAY. I know. I know. Sometimes I have a tendency to escalate stories too quickly to unrelated events without slowly building up to it. I wish I knew how to, but I don’t. So lets proceed with the coffin maker interview. I don’t recall precisely what he had been asked but he mentioned something I still recall today. In his experience, he had noted that death came in waves. One wave would bring the deaths of women, another of children and another of men. It is almost as if a domino effect had been triggered. [ I know I would have done away with telling the interview bit but I have always felt like sharing it. It is hard starting a conversation with ‘hey, funny story, theres this interview with a coffin maker I wanna share…..’ You see?]

But what I really wanted to write on is my own current wave: self control. [I know you might still be hang over the coffin maker part, trying to figure out what else comes in waves (..or maybe its just me), but hopefully you still have the energy to continue reading this the same way I have summed up the energy to continue writing it]. The message on self control has been right at the back of my head and at some point I knew I had to acknowledge it. Acknowledging it was hard because it meant admitting I can do better at exercising self control. I know the areas I am supposed to work on, but heres a general list of where we can all do better in exercising self control

1.  Time management

This one is a no brainer, as a generation we are all losing grip on time management. Our phones have fully captivated our attention so much that we can’t focus on the more important activities. Even when there is nothing important we are expecting, we still reach out for our phones first thing in the morning. The funny thing is that while we claim it keeps us connected, we find that once we are physically close to the people we text, we ignore them and text other people far away. Is it really the people or the activity that we are addicted to? More importantly, in this time economy, how much time do we dedicate to God? Exercise control over your time.

2.  Sharing

I believe as human beings we have an inert need to share our feelings and emotions with others. Maybe it is why we shout when happy, or cry loud when we are sad. There are some joys or pains that we cannot hold on to without it affecting us. The issue personally has always been deciding on who to share what with. You will realise that there are different people for each emotion or feeling you go through. If you don’t know who to share your good or bad news with, you will find yourself resenting people when really you should have known the right people to tell. Exercise self control over what you share with different people.

3. Opportunities

I do not know if it comes with growing up in a country with limited opportunities or just what I have learnt, but I have grown up thinking every opportunity should be pursued, even the ones that don’t feel right. It is not the easiest thing to unlearn because at the same time you fear being the person that let go of an amazing opportunity. But we all know when something doesn’t feel right. The wrong good opportunities sometimes hold us back from great good opportunities. Learn to say no. ‘Humans are satisfied with whatever looks good; God probes what IS good’-Proverbs 16 v 2. Exercise control over your YES.

4.  Finances

Not everything good should be bought, even if it is cheap. Sometimes we have a tendency to think we should take advantage of every good deal we come across, even for items or experiences we do not need. The mentality should be that ‘ Every good deal STILL costs us money’ Exercise control over your finances.

5. Health

It is easy to ignore our bodies because it is not as if we are able to see whats going on inside anyway. But health ought to be a priority. There is no substitute to exercise or good nutrition. A friend once asked why God made us with a need to eat everyday considering how tiresome cooking is. I have thought about it too and came to the conclusion that it is to teach us discipline. Everyday we must eat, otherwise we will starve our bodies. I guess how well we stick to our diets says a lot about how much discipline we have (or do not have). Should we be trusting someone that is willing to starve themselves because they are lazy to cook? Well I don’t know, but it is not a good look haha. Exercise and eat right.

6. Relationships

As human beings we all have the potential to be faithful to our partners, relatives and friends. Let us not normalise a lack of self control. When it comes to relationships especially, it is important to exercise self control over your emotions. I believe that even if you are in a relationship you can fall in love with someone else simply because you fail to exercise self control over your emotions. Those people that can’t tame their emotions are wild. Exercise self control over your emotions and feelings.

What waves are you going through? Would be excited to hear from you!





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