Happy International Women’s Day!

Today we gather again, to celebrate the amazing creature that a woman is!

IWD is becoming one of my favorite days in a year, no lie. The past days I have been planning on what to write in celebration of women all over the world.  Until today, I had settled on writing something on the hashtag #slayqueen. I know, very random. It just struck me as interesting how one hashtag has shifted from being a trend to almost an insult, in such a short period.  The memes are flying all over, the likes of ‘the slay queen starter pack’ with the coupon code and the dog filters. What I wanted to explore is what the negativity around the slay queen phenomenon might tell us about our views of what we want the ideal woman to be. I was ready ka! I was going to take pictures doing the slay queen pose- because we were going to take it an extra mile. But then, my mum sent this picture:


There is something authentic and beautiful about this picture that softened my heart. Immediately it reminded me of the women often less celebrated;

  • The ones we meet in the market place prying their trade alongside men. The ones that call us auntie with a smile, which quickly turns to a frown when they realise we are not going to buy. The same ones that have been fake smiling to strangers, not just since morning, not since last week, but for the past three and a half years and godforsaken are just tired of smiling.
  • The ones that wake us from our afternoon nap with their knocking at the door to ask if kuli ganyu. The ones we answer before we even reach the door because this is the fourth time someone has come along asking for piecework. The same ones that wake up earlier than us, and with their friends beside them keep each other company as they leave their homes to search for work.
  • The ones that remind us what time it is because like clockwork you hear them each day around 10am on top of their voices passing by your house chanting the tune you are now accustomed to chinese, rape, mpiru, tomato, anyezi…. The ones we are able to identify just by the way they sound.
  • The ones that are able to do all the above with a smile on their face. Some are our mothers, our sisters and some we don’t know of.

This is to all the women who have had endure the greatest pain of sacrificing their dreams so that we don’t have to, I celebrate you! May the sacrifices we have received encourage us to press for progress and push for greatness.

Happy International Women’s Day you beautiful beings ❤

P.S I know some of you are probably still questioning if I would have pulled off the slay queen pose, Sigh. Have a little faith will ya haha.


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