Five lessons from 2017

Just like that, we are in 2018.

This time last year I remember being at my grandmothers house in Mzuzu. I recall having attended church in the morning and afterwards coming back home to listen to stories from the previous night, told by my aunt. One particular story still makes me laugh. One of the friends she had gone to a party with could not stop talking about all the meat he got to eat. ”Ndipo tangulya nyama, ngeti tikulya makatoni! Chibabikile wabapi wandagulepo nyama yanthena.” I don’t know what cartons had to do with meat, but I laugh every time I remember the story.

2017 has no doubt been eventful. When we started off the year I did not know how the year would end, and what would transpire in between. But a lot happened, new experiences, some milestones reached, mistakes made and lessons were learnt. So, here are my lessons from 2017.

1…We are not as strong as we think we are.

From the colour of our beddings to the books we read, everything we expose ourselves to has the power to affect us. Personally it took me 2017 to realise the things that caused me most anxiety were small things I could control, but often ignored. You can recall this blog post on cluttered inboxes.

2. Trust your instincts

If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. Betraying your instincts is one of the things that takes time to forgive yourself. Because you knew, but you still went ahead.

3. Good things need preparation too

One of my greatest fears has been failure. Failure to translate my education into my work or business. Imagine being that person that got all the accolades but never really was good on the job! So I worked hard and prayed for a sign. I thought I was ready for God to answer but turns out I wasn’t. When the praise came I ended up feeling like a fraud.  Good things, bad things; they all need mental preparation. Are you preparing your mind for what you are praying for?

4. I make mistakes, and that’s okay

I have always been one to pursue perfectionism. But perfectionism has a trap. Once you make a mistake, the mistake spray paints every other good aspect of your life. You feel like you are failing, and failing badly. There is a difference between making a mistake and being a mistake. Knowing that difference is very crucial. Mistakes are going to be made, ALOT.

5. Unused creativity is not benign, it metastasizes- Brene Brown.

You might recall this post from last year. I wrote that post before I came across Brene Brown. Brene Brown is someone everyone should know! I will not say much about her in the hope that the suspense leads you to Google, lol. Creativity is our being and whenever we suppress it, it can lead to anxiety and destructive habits in our life. This is why I have given this year this motto: Creating for survival.

There you go folks!

Happy New Year!!!!





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