Are you wishing your life away?

Lately I have been looking forward to my Fridays. I have probably always been a fan of Fridays, I mean, TGIF! But I think am slowly getting next level. Actually each day in my mind is visualized in the context of how close it is to Friday. The closer we get to Friday, the more I like my days.

Well recently I came across a realization that came in the form of a five worded sentence. I don’t remember where I heard or read it, but for some reason it has been playing a silent song in my mind. ‘Stop wishing your life away’.

Now, if you are human then you know this. If your mind receives information it can not process, you will likely find no rest till  your brain figures it out. Your brain will wait for the moment you stop running up and down to remind you of the unfinished business. Sooner or later you will find yourself awake up in the middle of the night trying to figure out what the aroma you sensed while passing by a shop reminds you of. It will have you knocking on your parents door at night trying to ask them the name of a character in standard 1 text book. I have seen it.

When I was done running, I came back to meet my mind, still patiently waiting to find meaning to this sentence. I found it, and it wasn’t a pretty truth.

Here’s what I found:

As humans we often forget each passing day is another page turned over in our book of life. Each passing day is a page closer to the closing chapter of our book. We forget and it is understandable, our brain shields us from anything that could make us sad or afraid. It is a coping mechanism. But what is  crazy is that while we all want to delay this story as much as we can, we constantly want the pages to flip a little faster.  We admire the next chapter so much. We fantasize about the future and all the hope it presents. Ndikazaiphula! A word filled with so much enthusiasm and hope. But what about now? (cue Pinks song). Each moment we flirt with dreams of the future, we wish our life away.

The present holds so much that we ignore. It is here and it begs to be noticed. It is so vivid yet we choose to be attracted the abstract. What horrible taste we have!

Here’s to making every day a Friday.

Are you wishing your life away? 


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