Happy birthday to me!

I just turned 27. Shit.

27 y'all

I am not going to bother you with how scary growing up is. We are all going through it. I trust you understand.

What I will share with you however is what I learnt yesterday from deleting my old emails and unsubscribing to newsletters I never read.

First time I opened my email account I was so excited.  I kept subscribing to each and every site I liked. Am talking shopping websites, competition websites, car dealer websites and basically all websites that claimed you would be entered into a draw if you subscribe. It is 2017, haven’t won a thing. But you get the picture.

As expected my mail box was a mess, I had close to 4000 unread emails. Do not judge me.

I don’t know what happened but yesterday I decided I was going to delete all emails that I didn’t need. I would also unsubscribe myself from all sites that I didn’t need, they were a lot of those. Needless to say, I spent almost the entire afternoon sorting out my mail box.

I questioned why I never had deleted them earlier, why I never removed myself from mailing lists I didn’t even remember subscribing to. I mean, they have been bothering me for quite sometime. It is annoying when you are expecting an important email only to find its that 9:00am email from Be-forward. But I never did because maybe while they were annoying, I just didn’t think they were annoying enough. I let them pile up so high that now I dreaded the day I would have to clean up the mess.

Somewhere along the way of sorting my mail I realised that sometimes we treat our lives, our bodies like a yahoo mail box. We let in people that are toxic because at the time, they are not toxic enough. We let weeds kill the good in us because weeds need a home too right? We let problems settle in our minds, because they aren’t big enough yet. We fail to address issues while they emerge, because somehow we are hoping they will go away. But they don’t. Instead they will keep piling up till we sum up the courage to expel them from our life.

I have realized that what keeps us from growing and progressing are really the negligible bad habits that  we engage in daily. The little urge to view our timelines hoping there is something different from what we saw 5 minutes ago. I mean, we all know our little bad habits. And then there is the negativity and chaos we leave to settle in our hearts on a daily basis. While they might seem little, they do pile up everyday.

27 is about being cautious about how I spend my time. I wont let the next phase of my life by occupied by habits that suffocate me. Neither should you.

And yeah, I turned 27. I have been alive for 27 years. When you look at it that way, it really is a blessing and am not gonna hide it.

Happy birthday to me!




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