Bleaching and Worrying

Can I just say…

I never realized how dusty Lilongwe is till I moved to Blantyre, Sigh! The little pleasures we take for granted as Blantyre people lol. The thought crossed my mind as I walked hurriedly kwa Senti trying to make it to church. Every passing minibus  seemed to destroy my hopes of just a minute of dust free air, just a minute. Well, life moves fast in L-City.

But I digress…

I arrived a few minutes late. The midweek service centered on being grateful to God without having to wait for something extraordinary to happen first. It is something that I have heard before; but this time it came with a unique twist- bleaching. I surely didn’t see that coming.

The preacher, a short man by all standards, had initially shared a story of how a few days back a friend had found him buying pork in the market. Teasingly, the friend had made a comment about how he, a short man, was also buying a short animal, a pig. Funny really. His reason for telling the story lied mostly on how he found the story not offensive because indeed, he is a short man. And quite happy about it too if I might add. The story somehow led to the issue of bleaching as he gave examples of how we as people become slaves to our own bodies as we try to change stuff we do not like about ourselves.

Bleaching as a topic is quite complex and I will not labour my brain by going deep into its complexities. However,  I would like to dwell on how as people (me inclusive) spend majority of our time worrying over what usually we cant change instead of living. Gosh! There is just so much we worry about as young people. We worry about how others view us, we worry about our height or lack of it, we worry about finances, we worry about relationships, we worry about career progress, we worry about everything. Lord have mercy!

I have realized that majority of our worries go down to the unreal images we have been taught to paint of ourselves to others. In as much as we would like to share positive stories, dreams and our wins, sometimes it is good to be real. Let us remind each other that we all get broke, we all feel like failures sometimes, we all worry about progress; and honestly let us remind each other that light skinned men and women are not spared from life’s difficulties.

It is good to share all aspects of life and not just the filtered aspects.

I hope someday our focus will solely be on exploring the world and not worrying. I look forward to it!







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