Conversations, Good reads and Oprah

I have been staring at the blinking cursor for quite sometime. I am stuck trying to decide how to express myself on so many issues I wish I could talk about. Easy does it so let us start with the conversation I had with my colleagues over lunch some days ago.

‘A girl that is accountable to no one’

Growing up within the African culture and set up, girls are always accorded extra care and protection when compared to boys. Curfews are stricter for the girl child, more advice is given to the girl child and physically the men in the family always step up when the girl child is in danger. This oversight role is primarily left with parents, who eventually pass it on to the husband on that walk down the aisle. Personally I love it! I love being treated like an egg; because why not. The confusion begins when the girl grows and parents can no longer exercise this oversight control and yet (and that is a very big YET) there is no husband or boyfriend in sight to pass over the role. Say what?!! Society goes bonkers! Society has not yet come to terms with what to do with a girl that is accountable to no one. She is viewed as a loose canon. Will she make the right decisions? Why is she alone? What does she want? Women will mostly conclude it is because she wants to steal other peoples husbands. Hehe. It was a good conversation.

‘What you seek is seeking you-Rumi’

I just finished reading an article on accomplish press blog. I cannot rephrase the beauty I read, so here is an excerpt:

But what if you dared to step outside your fear and your ego that is holding you back? What if you suddenly decided that pursuing your desire is worth more than staying in your comfort zone? What if you just took the first step, and then the next? What if…? Well I tell you what happens – suddenly you start seeing things “magically” happening! The right people start appearing in your view, you “coincidentally” find the right resources to read, you “stumble upon” the right website or article online, you “somehow” meet a mentor who has taken the same path you wish to take, or you suddenly start getting new opportunities that help you take the next step. Do you know what is happening? What you were seeking all along, has been seeking you! That desire you’ve always wanted to bring to life has been waiting for you to make the first move of faith, and then everything else will start falling into place.

I’ve seen this happen in my own life and career over and over again, too many times to count..”

Deep within us, we all certainly know our calling. Enough said.

Let me leave with this link to Oprah’s interview at Stanford Graduate Business School. It is life changing. It is almost an hour long.

Now that I look at all I have written, I did not have much to say after all. Forgive my over-dramatic ways. Lol.




















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