Money 101

Can we ever have enough of it?




In the words of Onesimus, money is good! Not many things compare to having the ability to attain whatever we want. To provide for our parents, our children, our neighbours and all those in need of our assistance. And also just to spoil ourselves with the best that the world has to offer. It is a good feeling, it gives confidence and breeds power. And that is why most of what we do revolves around it. chasing money….

When I got my first job, no one ever sat me down to tell me how to handle money. No one had done so before that either. It is assumed we all know how we should handle money- you know, the usual you earn and spend-no rocket science there. Frankly speaking am pretty sure there were quite a number of  publications in the papers and books that I could have read; but most of these finance talks and literature tend to be boring. All I knew back then was that to really progress in life, one needs a really well paying job. And that is what I was looking forward to, the next job!

As far fetched as it may seem, we can actually achieve a lot with what we get. Let me share with you a little secret called “investing”. Truly speaking, it is a life changer. It is something I have grown to be passionate about and something I wish we can share on this space in the coming weeks. I am not going to write a lot on investing today. As I said, these finance talks tends to be boring.

I almost dozed off there…







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