Why are we here?

Am not a morning person, not at all.  

I woke up today and hurriedly prepared for work.  My sister was still getting her sleep the whole time I was preparing -and not jogging as she has been saying for the past two weeks. Resolutions are hard people!  Now, getting ready for work is something I do every working day, I can do it even without  thinking. Usually my mind is wandering elsewhere the whole time am getting ready. But I still manage to get everything done. Today my mind wandered in a different direction and it came in the form of a question(s); what is my purpose on earth?  Just being an accountant didn’t seem like a good answer.

Before I get judged for not being grateful that I have a job in the first place, maybe I should mention that I almost got into an accident last weekend. I was driving in Chilobwe close to ‘pa centre’ as people call it. There was a Lorry driving ahead of me with those mchenga boys in the back. As I usually do when going uphill, I drove a bit slow because I have this fear that those cars can easily develop a braking fault and crash into the car driving behind. Well guess what? The Lorry lost its brakes! It lost it’s brakes! It started moving backwards to where I was. Now, let me at this point thank God for keeping me calm the whole time. In normal circumstances I would have probably died from fear alone. But nope, I was calm. I simply drove to the side of the road and kept driving uphill while the Lorry sped uncontrollably downhill. I do not know how it ended.

As some guy from some clip I watched said, we live life with the assumption that we will live forever. Rarely do we make plans with the knowledge that someday we will die.  But moments like these remind us. We are not going to live forever, at any moment we can die. Any moment. Once this realization sinks in, most of what we do in our daily lives doesn’t seem as important anymore. But what should we be doing instead?

The idea of our mortality remains a constant fear in our lives. We fear death and yet there is nothing we can do about it. Literally nothing. We will go. But when you really think about it, the idea of our mortality should not be scary. Worrying over the inevitable is really a waste of time; and time is ticking. The idea of our mortality should be a good motivation for us to haste and create/find our purpose, whatever that might be. Simply surviving on this earth seems like a raw deal. I definitely do not want to spend my limited time on earth with the only goal being surviving from one paycheck to the next.

With the year still fresh, I hope you start to find the answers to why you are here. Or better still, write your own story of why you are here. And while at it, make sure you sing out loud, dance, travel the world, love hard and laugh so damn harder. Because whatever your purpose, we are here to leave a mark.




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