Believing in yourself

I have been reading a lot of motivational articles this year, mostly from Patrick Achitabwino. He has an opinion column in the Daily Times newspaper called Mindset Change. It is featured every Monday above Lorraine Lusinje’s column. It always makes me look forward to my Monday mornings in the office. Now, if there is anything I have learnt from the articles, it must be the need to believe in yourself. This has been a recurring theme in most of the articles I have read.

Believing in oneself is not as easy as it sounds however. There are after all diverse reasons why people do not believe in themselves. For some it is because of past failures, what they have been told or generally their experiences in life. However for some it is simply because they do not want to be considered arrogant. And this a major reason for most people I know (I think its really just me) given the conservative culture we have been groomed in. Arrogance borders so closely with strong belief in oneself. Unfortunately  arrogance is not a character we usually want to be associated with. Most people are aware of this and its why some use it against others whenever they persist with a position they disagree with. Its not uncommon to call someone wamakani if they persistently hold on to their ideas. I have called people that; people have called me that the few times I have stuck to my opinion on matters.Obviously it is a statement that stings.

However it is impossible for a person to believe in oneself without crossing over the arrogance boundary every once in a while. Finding balance between belief in oneself and arrogance is an art, it requires constant practice and takes time. It is inevitable that at some point one will fall at either extremes of the continuum. Some find their balance quick, while for some they need time. Some never do find the balance. What is essential however is not whether one finds balance or not, it is about the process and what it teaches you about yourself. The process of believing in oneself is empowering. It makes you aware of your biases, your strengths, your weaknesses, your reasoning and your abilities. People who believe in themselves have an identity whether it is positive or not. Ever wondered what people think of you when your name is mentioned? Do they know your ideas? what you stand for?

Knowing oneself and believing in that person you discover is essential for success. Not just success in work, business or making money, but also in finding happiness and peace. It is difficult to be happy and at peace if one constantly doubts themselves. It is difficult to be happy and at peace if little comments made about our ideas completely paralyse our brain from thinking. The few times I have chosen to believe in myself and my ideas have been among the best. Hopefully 2017 will see me experiencing more and more of those moments. I wish you the same!


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