My encounter with the Rotaract Club of Blantyre

I found myself at Ryalls hotel last week Friday waiting for a rotaract meeting. A friend had invited me the same day, I did not think too much into it as I usually do, because then I would have come up with excuses of why not to go. I extended the invite to my sister, it would be a cool experience plus I thought she would be bored if I left her home alone. Well that is what I thought.

I did not have any expectations whatsoever, I have never been to a rotaract meeting or even really understood what they do. The only thing I knew about rotaract is what people say; am sure you have heard it too.  But there I was, sitting at a round table with rotaractors.  It was roughly around 15 people, mostly men. There were only four other ladies.

We somehow found the meeting already in progress hence there were no introductions or hi’s. We sat down and just started listening. 30 minutes later I had accepted that I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. By the look on my sisters face I do not think she went past 5 minutes to come to that conclusion. We were going to find out later on that this was in fact strictly for committee members only and not guests. They must have thought it would be insensitive to chase us lol. And so we went on for the next hour or so.

Just like most gatherings everyone had different ideas on issues. The meeting had no agenda but it seemed to always lean back to the issue of membership. Suggestions were made, some reasonable, some questionable and some personally just made me uncomfortable as a guest. For a minute I even wondered if they actually could see us. My sister eventually left before the meeting came to an end…thug life.

There is a lot I could say about what I observed there, but I will stick with the positives. These were my peers, but I could see the confidence and belief they possess. From the brief introductions that were made at the end, most are accomplished in life. It is encouraging to see young people sacrificing their time and resources to doing good. While personally I do no think rotaract is the right fit for me, I do believe everyone should give it a shot and decide for themselves.

It is easy to focus on the negatives and stick to what is comfortable, but am learning that life is about trying new things. Personally I have always stayed away from anything that promises unnecessary drama. But that in itself is restricting. There will never be the perfect club or the perfect moment. Sometimes its good to look at the bigger picture and deal with the little issues along the way. Now that is living.


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