Rainy season

It would seem the rainy season is early this year. With the unbearable heat that has been experienced all through the country these past couple of days, I am definitely not complaining.

I have always loved the rain; I don’t particularly have a strong valid reason however. I simply love it. Every time it starts to rain this time of the year I am reminded of Christmas. Pretty soon shops will start putting up the familiar Christmas decorations,  stuff will go on ‘sale’, there will be the dreaded office parties and most importantly I will get to spend time with my family. It is the same each year, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is something ridiculously comforting about having some things remain the same in life. Christmas season is that thing for me.

With Christmas season comes the expectations of the new year. And every time this season approaches I tend to go over experiences from the year so far. And that is what has been going on in my mind for the last couple of days. 2016 has been an emotionally draining year for me, just like 2015 was really. But with challenging experiences comes growth, and this year has been full of growth. I have learnt to let go of attachments that drain you more than they give, I have learnt to challenge my fears and pursue my dreams, I have learnt to really be understanding of peoples shortcomings, I have learnt that it is important to actually feel my emotions and not avoid them, I have learnt to save and I have learnt to budget, well sorta.

Before the past two years I used to think if one has a tough year, the next should be easy….well right? We all want to believe in a life that actually considers your emotions. But life ain’t like that. Life is emotionless, you just gotta go on despite the challenges.That is what makes you a success or failure (or whatever is in between). With that mindset I look forward to 2017, not for it to be the year of ‘breakthrough’, but for it to be the year I consciously overcome all the challenges the year will bring.  The past two years have challenged me to grow, I seek to go beyond mere growth to actually thrive. As the winds steer us into a new season, may 2017 steer me to places and people that challenge me to succeed. Let it rain.

I welcome you to my blog!


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